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Ludoffaz Snow Front

Near the village, the Ludoffaz area has a variety of activites: skiing, sledging, ice skatingentertainment and a playground.

pistes du ludoffaz Abondance


A magic carpet, perfect for beginner skiers!

This area is available under your own responsibility, and it is easily accessible by car.

Single price for adults or children (aged 5 and over). A valid Abondance, Montagnes d’Evian or Portes du Soleil season pass gives access to the Ludoffaz area at no extra cost.

Price: €5,60 half-day (or €2,60 one hour before the magic carpet closes) and free to children under 5 years old

12/23/2023 – 02/09/2024 02/10/2024-03/31/2024
Holiday school Everyday 9:30am-5pm 9:30am-5:30pm
Outside holiday school Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday Carpet off between 12pm & 1pm Carpet off between 12pm & 1pm
Patinoire naturelle Abondance


The 740m² ice rink is at Offaz nearby the gymnasium at the entrance to the village. Many themed evenings are organised throughout the winter. Check the calendar to know more.
On-site ice skate rental (size 25 to 47 with removable insoles and fast attachments). Standard certified helmets on loan. Gloves are mandatory. On-site carpark near to the gymnasium.

▪ Free:
– Children under 5 years old accompanied by an adult
– sliding pandas for beginners and Beluga whales for littluns (pushed by their parents).
▪ Prices:
– entry + ice skate rental: €6.60
– entry no ice skates: €3.60
– ice skate rental: €3
– 10-entries ticket book (entry + rental): €51

Important: bank cards are not accepted!
Group booking: +33 (0)4 50 73 76 87 every day, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (prices on request).

The Trans’ Abondance Shuttle is free for groups staying in Abondance holiday centers (reservation required, subject to availability).

Aire de jeu à Abondance


There is a City Park with open access on the Offaz plain for playing ball games.

A playground is in the vicinity.

Various events and attractions are organised by the Tourist Office: igloo building, Land Art, snowman competitions, and more.